The Kakistocracy Exposes Its Hand

The unconstitutionality of NSPD-51 is blatant.

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So, if all of these purported “National Essential Functions” amount to nothing more than hypocritical boilerplate, the process of elimination identifies the Establishment’s essential concern as “[p]rotecting and stabilizing the Nation’s economy and ensuring public confidence in its financial systems.” Worthy of repetition is the key phrase: “ensuring public confidence in [the Nation’s] financial systems.” Which means, primarily, the Federal Reserve System—central banking operating on the fractional-reserve principle, with legal-tender currency irredeemable in silver or gold, and the whole process top-heavy in “monetization” of public and private debt.

But why should “ensuring public confidence in [the Nation’s] financial systems” be at all problematic? If America were on the constitutional system of silver and gold coinage, tied through “commodity money” to the free market, with private banking strictly regulated so as to preclude and punish (as much as humanly possible) every fraudulent financial practice, and with bank and state otherwise strictly separated, no question of “public confidence” would ever arise. The present monetary and banking systems, however, lack every one of those legal, political, and economic safeguards.

The Establishment knows full well that America’s monetary and banking arrangements are utterly unsound, even absurd—and that, indeed, the potential “[c]atastrophic emergency” it fears lies within “[the Nation’s] financial systems” themselves. Those “financial systems” are an “emergency” waiting to happen. The Establishment knows that hard times are coming—sooner, rather than later. The Establishment knows that, whether events take the form of hyperinflation, depression, or both, a veritable miracle would be necessary for “public confidence in [the Nation’s] financial systems” not to dissolve. And the Establishment knows that God has no miracles to spare for the godless.

Of course, the “[c]atastrophic emergency” lurking within “[the Nation’s] financial systems” could be obviated or mitigated by reforming those systems. The first step would not even require radical transformation—simply the official recognition of some silver and gold currencies that could fairly compete with Federal Reserve Notes as common media of exchange, so as to harness the full power of free-market forces in the corrective process. See for one example of how this might be begun on a State-by-State basis.

For the Establishment, however, any such reformation is unthinkable, no matter how much the Constitution’s purpose to “promote the general Welfare” demands it (Preamble). For systematic monetary and banking reform would entail a sweeping redistribution of wealth and political power from the Establishment and its minions to common Americans—transforming this country from a corporative state, driven by greed, to what the Second Amendment calls “a free State,” where self- government truly prevails because We the People themselves actually control the Power of the Purse (among other basic sovereign powers).

So the Establishment intends that when the monetary and banking crunch arrives, the American people will be forced to foot the bill, no matter how exorbitant, for maintaining “[the Nation’s] financial systems” in operation. And be compelled as well to have “confidence” that salvaging “[the Nation’s] financial systems” is worth the price.

But how can the Establishment “ensur[e] public confidence” in inherently unstable “financial systems” once they slip into crisis? By imposing a financial crack-down and lock-down that prevents “the masses” from using any other systems, of course. If “the masses” lack any other choice, they will be forced by circumstances to have “confidence” in what the Establishment allows them. Besides, any lack of “confidence” “the masses” manifest by attempting to operate outside “[the Nation’s] financial systems” will be punished. And as long as “the masses” are fully confident of that, their economic participation in “[the Nation’s] financial systems” will continue, notwithstanding any emotional alienation from them. Thus, “the continuity of government” will be preserved, even if it means impoverishing common Americans and prostrating their country.

This is the inevitable practical consequence of the common political fallacy that treats “the government” as some institution or force separate from and superior to the people, with interests different from theirs, and to which their interests must be sacrificed for its preservation. For, under that misconception, all “government” is essentially “tyranny:” the monopolization of ostensibly legal force for the purpose of social control and looting on behalf of narrow special-interest groups. As the Founding Fathers learned from John Locke,

This is a mistake to think this Fault is proper only to Monarchies; other Forms of Government are liable to it, as well as that. For where-ever the Power that is put in any hands for the Government of the People, and the Preservation of their Properties, is applied to other ends, and made use of to impoverish, harass, or subdue them to the Arbitrary and Irregular Commands of those that have it: There it presently becomes Tyranny, whether those that thus use it are one or many (Second Treatise of Government § 201).

Ineluctably, too, any “government” that functions on the principles and for the purposes of tyranny inevitably degenerates into a kakistocracy—rule by the very worst people. Self-evidently, such a “government” deserves something other than “continuity.”

(3) The Establishment’s concern for “ensuring public confidence in [the Nation’s] financial systems” explains in part why NSPD-51 has been promulgated at this time. Something ominous is blowing in the wind (besides the depleted uranium spreading throughout the world from Iraq). Every fiat-money scheme is a confidence game, in both senses of that term. And because confidence is always fragile and evanescent, any fiat-money scheme can conceivably collapse at any moment. The Federal Reserve System is no exception to this rule. Indeed, its own history—in the banking collapse of 1932—proves the rule’s truth and applicability to American conditions.

After a monetary and banking crisis breaks out, though, will hardly be the time for the Establishment to attempt to put into place a complex scheme for salvaging the “continuity” of the “government” that, more than anything else, will be responsible for the crisis, and therefore politically vulnerable in the extreme. Long before then, the purported “legal authority” needs to be adopted; the bureaucratic infrastructure needs to be cobbled together; and suitable personnel need to be selected, indoctrinated, and trained. Therefore, NSPD-51.

Even so, whether NSPD-51 is a pre-emptive response to dire events that someone foresees as occurring during the remaining months of the Bush Administration is doubtful. To be sure, further rabid military adventurism in the Middle East is certainly possible, with predictably catastrophic results. But, absent that, monetary and banking collapse may be temporarily avoidable. Whether a serious crisis can be put off for (say) 10 more years, however, seems highly dubious. So NSPD-51 probably aims to facilitate a power-grab primarily for the benefit of the next two Administrations, which likely will be Democratic.

That being so, the other part of the explanation for why NSPD-51 has been promulgated now must be linked to who promulgated it. The time is ripe, not simply because of the imminence of future events, but also because of which of the “two” major political parties happens to be in power at this moment.

Whether they know it or not, the American people are the targets of constant, if crude, political psychological warfare. If a President Hillary Clinton put forward NSPD-51, the uproar from “the right wing” would be deafening. But when a self-styled “conservative” President George W. Bush does it, it will pass without incident. Indeed, if they mention it at all, the blowhard “conservative” radio talk-show hosts will even praise NSPD-51 as “the right thing for a commander in chief to do in time of war.” Thus, by having the Republicans author this dangerous usurpation, the only possibly effective sources of criticism and opposition—true conservatives—are muted. For whatever a few fuzzy-minded, idealistic “left wingers” may say, most of the hard and knowledgeable “left” will silently welcome NSPD-51, because it further concentrates arbitrary power in a central government, and even in one “leader”—which and whom they expect, at the propitious moment, to be of their own political persuasion.

This cheap trick, of course, works both ways.

President William Jefferson Clinton was conveniently in office when the time came to put through NAFTA—so that, although American workers were slated to be crucified, the leaders of the big unions were co-opted and muzzled because the dirty deed was being done by a Democrat.)

But why are the Republicans, now dominated by politicians as ruthlessly partisan and egotistical as any in American history, putting into the hands of their supposed political rivals such power? For the same reason they have launched the Middle Eastern misadventure of endless aggression and occupation that will surely spill over into, and continue to be waged by, the next Administration. For the same reason they have poured the foundations and erected much of the framework for a thoroughgoing National police state that the next Administration will finish and employ. For the same reason they are constructing the North American Union, which cannot possibly come into existence before January of 2009, and therefore which they must expect the next Administration to complete. That reason being that the “two” major political parties are not really rivals at all—they are merely one party, with two faces, and forked tongues in both of them. The “two” parties are a pair of matched marionettes being manipulated by the selfsame set of string-pullers in a permanent “shadow government”. Whatever the “two” parties do is for the benefit of their one set of masters.

(4) So what are common Americans to do? First, they must wake up and learn something very simple, but politically vital. True “continuity of government” means continuity of constitutional government, which means continuity of self-government. Then, as the Second Amendment teaches, continuity of government requires “the security of a free State.” And what does the Amendment say is necessary for “the security of a free State”? “A well regulated Militia”, built upon “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms.” Perhaps you did not read this in Dick and Jane. But it is no more difficult to understand than “See Spot run!”

Then, the American people must get up and do something. As I have said before, I shall say again: revitalize “the Militia of the several States,” State by State, as the Constitution requires. Not as private “militia,” but as part and parcel of the government of each State, with full legal authority. Once re-established, the Militia will become the primary, indispensable institutions of self-government—and We the People’s first line of self-defense when a monetary and banking crisis brings down on their heads the whole house of financial cards.

This may not be the only way, or the best way, but it is certainly one very effective way to meet the real “national emergency” now gripping this country by the throat: which is having in official positions the kind of people who draft, adopt, and expect to implement documents such as NSPD-51. To repeat: They constitute a kakistocracy—government by the worst people. Perhaps the worst in American history. Perhaps the worst in world history. But, in any event, bad enough.

Either they go into political retirement or this country goes into political oblivion. And when this country goes, you and your family go with it. Be forewarned. For part 1 click below.

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