State Issued

“Able-Bodied” and Militia Service

Every “Able-Bodied” Male Between the Ages of 16 to 60 Subject to Some Service in the MilitiaThe general rule for about one hundred fifty...

Alternative Currency

Constitutional vs. Confidence Game Fiscal System

1.) Silver and Gold as Money is constitutionally required for Economic "Homeland Security" Historically, silver and gold have always proven to be the best...
silver and gold as money

A Cross of Gold

Any State Can Walk away from the Federal Reserve System

The State Electronic Gold Currency Plan

Download the State Electronic Gold Currency Plan (Gold Money Bill) here. The State of Montana has proposed Alternative Currency in House Bill 639. Learn more...
Militia Structure

Illegal Immigration

    Immigration Illegal

    Militia: Repel the Invasion of Illegal Immigration

    Militia: Repel the Invasion of Illegal ImmigrationOnly the Militia could supply para-military and police forces of sufficient size to take control of America’s borders...
    illegal immigration

    How the States Can Suppress Illegal Immigration

    No reader of this commentary needs to be reminded that the United States are reeling under a continuous mass influx across the southern borders...
    Sanctuary Cities

    No Sanctuaries in “Sanctuary Cities”

    In his recent NewsWithViews commentary, “Sanctuary Cities and the PATCO Strike Analogy” (21 November 2016), Jonathan Emord recommends that pon assuming office, President Trump should...
    America border security

    How the President Can Secure the Borders

    With the issue of illegal immigration already coming to the fore in the contest for nomination of the 2016 Republican candidate for the Presidency,...
    Naomi Wolf

    Who Doesn’t Have a Plan?

    Usually, I do not wield some other Internet columnist’s article as a foil for one of my own pointed commentaries. But Naomi Wolf’s recent...
    the Militia of the several States

    The Sword and Sovereignty

    Well, Ladies and Gentlemen in the ethereal realm, once again another natural disaster—Hurricane Sandy in this case—has exposed the insouciance, ineptitude, and incompetence of...
    Article V Convention

    Article V Convention: A Titanic Irrelevance

    The more I inflict upon myself the details of the on-going, extensive, and increasingly acrimonious debate about the supposed merits or demerits of what...
    Presidential election

    Presidential Questions

    Not long ago, a friend of mine asked me to draft a few pertinent, if not provocative, questions to be posed to all of...
    Checks and Balances

    The Time to Assert Checks and Balances is Now

    From every sector of America's political spectrum that contains people still capable of thinking rationally arise denunciations of the recently enacted Military Commissions Act....

    2nd Amendment: Community Self-Defense

    Community Self-Defense Structure: MilitiaThe special constitutional position, status, and authority of “the Militia of the several States” their separation from the “Armies”, “Navy”, and other...

    CHSA: The Key to Revitalizing the Constitutional Militia

    Citizens' Homeland Security Associations