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2nd Amendment: "Arms"

“Arms” for Militia service must be at least as good for military purposes as the “Arms” carried by equivalent troops in this country’s regular Armed Forces. The people must have untrammeled access to purchase those Arms and accoutrements in the free market and keep them in the home.

Arms and the Militia

Regular Armed Forces and Militia Firearms

Regular Armed Forces and Militia Firearms: EquivalentThe Militia must always be in personal possession of the types of firearms, ammunition, and accoutrements that are...
MIlitiamen Arms Kept in the Home

Militia Arms: Kept in the Home

Militiamen: Arms Kept in the HomeThe widespread private ownership of firearms suitable for service in the Militia created a peculiar kind of private property...
Free Market Access to Arms 2nd Amendment

Militia: Reliance on the Free Market for Arms

Militia: Free Market Access to ArmsEvery individual eligible for Militia service must enjoy untrammeled access to Arms, accoutrements, and ammunition in the free market...
Arms 2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment: “Arms”

2nd Amendment: "Arms"Because “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms” must conduce at least to the maintenance of “ well regulated...
"well regulated Militia" 2nd Amendment

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