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Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is an on-going, highly organized event of international scope, conducted by “unlawful obstructions, combinations, or assemblages”—all of which constitute “conspirac[ies]”—both domestic and foreign.

Immigration Illegal

Militia: Repel the Invasion of Illegal Immigration

Militia: Repel the Invasion of Illegal ImmigrationOnly the Militia could supply para-military and police forces of sufficient size to take control of America’s borders...
illegal immigration

How the States Can Suppress Illegal Immigration

No reader of this commentary needs to be reminded that the United States are reeling under a continuous mass influx across the southern borders...
Sanctuary Cities

No Sanctuaries in “Sanctuary Cities”

In his recent NewsWithViews commentary, “Sanctuary Cities and the PATCO Strike Analogy” (21 November 2016), Jonathan Emord recommends that pon assuming office, President Trump should...
America border security

How the President Can Secure the Borders

With the issue of illegal immigration already coming to the fore in the contest for nomination of the 2016 Republican candidate for the Presidency,...
Homeland Security

Are You Doing Your Constitutional Duty for “Homeland Security”?

What is the fundamental constitutional institution for "homeland security"? On the answer to this question may depend the continued independence and freedom of the...
"well regulated Militia" 2nd Amendment

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