Militia: Constitutional Remedy to Repel the Invasion of Illegal Immigration

Militia: Constitutional Remedy to Repel the Invasion of Illegal Immigration

Repulsion of invasions by aliens with no even colorable claim to entry has become critically important for maintaining the sovereignty, independence, freedom, and prosperity of every State and of the Union as a whole. For America cannot remain sovereign if she cannot control her own borders and decide who is, and especially who is not, entitled to entry and residency, let alone citizenship—particularly if, because she cannot enforce her own laws as to citizenship, individuals unqualified therefore nonetheless end up voting in elections for, or even themselves serving in, high public offices. (footnote 1) America cannot remain independent if aliens—and citizens as well—who still account themselves loyal to some foreign state can take over important segments of her economy, can gain oligopolistic control over and thus manipulate her mass media, and can intervene in her electoral and legislative processes—either quantitatively, taking advantage of their large numbers; or qualitatively, because, albeit relatively few in number, they have concentrated in their hands disproportionate amounts of wealth or other means of exerting influence. Thus tied involuntarily but increasingly tightly by “political bands” to one or more foreign countries and alien political systems and cultures, America can no longer enjoy “among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle” her. (footnote 2) America cannot remain free if she becomes saturated with aliens—let alone purported citizens—who fail, neglect, or refuse master the language in which her laws and history are written and to study and adopt as their own the tenets of political philosophy and science on which her government is based—and, worse yet, who may be ideologically inimical to the fundamental political, legal, economic, and social principles on which she has always operated. And America cannot remain “one people” if huge influxes of unassimilated aliens and disloyal citizens who refuse to conform their behavior to those principles Balkanize her society. Everywhere it has taken hold, Balkanization has proven to be a dynamically destructive process that proves the truth of the old admonition, “a house divided against itself cannot stand”. Once they sense themselves in the ascendency, aliens and citizens hostile to America’s traditional way of life will set about to demolish every native institution that they can not or will not understand, and to replace them with new, but faulty institutions that reflect the folkways in the foreign lands to which they bear true allegiance—or perhaps will simply allow native institutions to be overthrown in a flood of political, economic, and social chaos. This intense internal dissension over and disregard of fundamental principles will deprive America, first of freedom in a vain attempt to retain security, and then of security, too. (footnote 3)

The plain fact is that the flood of aliens now inundating the United States in blatant violation of the laws allowing for immigration has risen to such a height that only revitalized Militia could possible contain it, let alone deal with its consequences. Only the Militia could supply para-military and police forces of sufficient size to take control of America’s borders (so as to keep aliens from crossing over illegally in the first place) and thoroughly to scour her heartland (so as to uncover the aliens who have unlawfully slipped in, and then see to it that they are thrown out). And only the Militia would be so completely organized throughout the country as to enable WE THE PEOPLE quickly and efficiently to determine who is rightfully resident in each Local community. (footnote 4)


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