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The only source of authority government officials have is the Constitution—and by definition a “Constitution” is a charter of defined and therefore limited government.

Oath of Office

“Oath or Affirmation” of Office

“Oath or Affirmation” of OfficeEvery government official is personally liable for each and every violation of the Constitution. “Oath or Affirmation” of Office (Article VI,...

Misconstrued Role of Congress

Misconstrued Role of Congress: Acts of Congress Not Necessarily Binding THE PEOPLE are not necessarily legally bound by every act that individuals who may happen...
Supreme Court

Misconstrued Role of the Supreme Court

Decisions of Courts Have No Rank as "Law"“n the ordinary use of language it will hardly be contended that the decisions of Courts constitute...

Misconstrued Role of the President

President's Constitutional Role as "Commander in Chief"On the very face of the Constitution. the President is not the "Commander in Chief" of the Nation as...
President Executive Power

“Executive Power” of the President of the United States

“Executive Power” of the President of the United States: A Mere Residue of the Power Enjoyed by the King of England Although the Constitution mandates...
Judicial Supremacy

“Judicial Supremacy” Through “Judicial Review”

"Judicial Supremacy": Nowhere to be found in the Constitution or Pre-constitutional HistoryPre-constitutional history provides no support for the sweeping contemporary claim that “the federal...
"well regulated Militia" 2nd Amendment

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“Emergency Powers”

"Emergency Powers"The real "emergency" that confronts Americans is the lust of aspiring and conspiring usurpers and tyrants for power WE THE PEOPLE have withheld...
Official Immunity

“Official Immunity”

"Official Immunity"The Constitution itself provides for one and only one “official immunity”, in its allowance that, “for any Speech or Debate in either House...
Tyranny: John Locke

“Usurpation” and “Tyranny”

"Usurpation"“Usurpation” – the exercise of some otherwise legitimate governmental power as to which the particular actor actor enjoys no legal claim.Source: John Locke, Two Treatises of Government,...

“The War on Terror”

"The War on Terror" Rogue officials stir up the "fear" of "terrorism". With "terrorism" as their excuse they arrogate new "war powers" to themselves....
Gun Contrlol

“Gun Control”

"Gun Control"In the pre-constitutional period, had the term been current, “gun control” would have meant, not keeping firearms and ammunition away from as many...