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As the Constitution makes pellucid, “the Federal Government” actually consists of five parts: Congress, President, Judiciary, the States, and WE THE PEOPLE.

Federal Government Chart

United States Constitution and the Federal System

"Federal Government"As the Constitution makes pellucid, “the Federal Government” actually consists of five parts:1.) Congress—Under Article I, § 1 (“ll legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested...
Federal System of Government

“General Government” vs. “Federal Government”

Understanding “General Government” vs. “Federal Government” As used on this website, the term “General Government” refers solely to the new government the Constitution created, consisting...
Constitutional MIlitia

“the Militia of the several States”

“the Militia of the several States”GOVERNMENTAL INSTITUTIONS THAT EXERCISE GOVERNMENTAL AUTHORITY—THOROUGHLY CIVILIAN “The Militia of the several States”: Governmental Institutions, Thoroughly Civilian “The Militia of the...
MIlitia and Congress

Congress and “the Militia of the several States”

Congress and the Militia“THE MILITIA OF THE SEVERAL STATES” ARE LARGELY OUTSIDE THE JURISDICTION OF CONGRESS. Congress Governs “Part” of the Militia— Otherwise The...
"well regulated Militia" 2nd Amendment

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As a constitutional rule of construction that cannot be repeated to often, “If *** we are at liberty to give old words new meanings ***...
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“Judicial Supremacy” Through “Judicial Review”

"Judicial Supremacy": Nowhere to be found in the Constitution or Pre-constitutional HistoryPre-constitutional history provides no support for the sweeping contemporary claim that “the federal...
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