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“Left” vs. “Right” Phony Political Spectrum

If WE THE PEOPLE revitalize "the Militia of the several States", we will cut across all the dividing lines in the phony "left vs. right" political spectrum that the Political Class has created.

Last Updated on January 15, 2023 by Constitutional Militia

“Left” vs. “Right” Phony Political Spectrum

The Political Class has We the People organized in their political structure. It’s not our constitutional structure. They have this one party with two faces. If you refer to the banner located at the top of this page you will see a coin struck with Roman God “Janus”, the God of “The Head of Household”. He had a head with one face in the front and one face in the back. That is our current political structure, we have the Republicans and we have the Democrats. And they can turn the head from one side to the other depending on which way they want to move you. So today we have the “Agent of Change”, who is the Democrat and before that we had the “Agent of never ending global war”, who was the Republican, and on and on. And so they play this psychological game with us: hot-cold, good cop-bad cop. And we fools keep falling for it. What this shows is that the process of We the People exercising our Power of the Purse and Power of the Sword has become totally corrupted. “We the People’s” influence only occurs at elections, that is every 2, 4, and 6 years. But what happens between the elections? Where is the lawful “check” that confines government officials to a lawful standard of behavior between elections? What is the constitutional “check” against a stampeding legislature that purports to enact “laws” that We the People determine to be unconstitutional? Were the Framers of the Constitution so short-sighted that they made no allowance for such possibilities? Of course not. That’s where this “thing” called a “Militia Structure”—“the Militia of the several States” comes in. There are five governmental institutions recognized in the Constitution: Congress, the President, the Judiciary, the States, and the Militia. Of these five structures only one is declared “necessary to the security of a free State” (Second Amendment), the ultimate goal of the entire Constitution, the “Militia”. And yet no “well regulated Militia” of the constitutional pattern have existed in any State in the Union for over 100 years.

As constitutional institutions, “the Militia of the several States” are governmental institutions. They wield full constitutional legal authority and enjoy sovereign immunity in that they are largely outside the jurisdiction of Congress. Consider the influence that can be exercised between elections by millions of Americans who are organized in the Militia Structure, exercising their legal authority as sovereign State government institutions, empowered to provide themselves with “the security of a free State” (2nd Amendment). Obviously the election mechanism alone has not proven itself ”necessary to the security of a free State.” Quite the opposite. Its proven itself rather dangerous to “the security of a free State” because it has been corrupted by factionalism.


By definition all special-interest groups have selfish outlooks. They are interested in their own good, not necessarily the general good. Such groups the Founding Fathers called “factions” and generally denounced them, meaning they weren’t neutral about these groups. Their attitude was that such groups were anti-social and dangerous. They are still counterproductive, socially destabilizing, and unpatriotic. And fundamentally disloyal, at least to the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Finally, if you add all this up, unity in any community is going to depend on instilling in every member of that community that he has or she has a personal duty of some kind to every one else in the community, that there really is a mutual purpose, cooperation, reliance within that community. How else do you define a community without those elements? That has been to a large extent, taken away from the people or at least they’ve stopped thinking about it. And that vacuum has been filled by other people who wish to exercise power not necessarily in the interest of any community except a very narrow group. So adding all that together, at least the revitalization of the Militia will create a set of institutions that will “promote the general welfare”, the fifth goal set forth in the preamble to the Constitution and reiterated in Article I, Section 8, Clause 1.

Looking at it from a political point of view, if you revitalize the Militia, you’re going to cut across all the dividing lines in the phony “right vs left” political spectrum that the Political Class has created. People will of necessity be united in mutual efforts that are directed towards providing security for their own locals. And this phony political spectrum does not in any way relate to that. In fact it’s an impediment to that happening and your going to find that out in the revitalized militia structure very quickly. More and more Americans are beginning to understand this concept of “the security of a free State” to which the Second Amendment refers. And they know that they don’t have it. They don’t necessarily understand why. They have a sense of what it ought to be and they know that it isn’t there. And they’re looking for some explanation for that. That’s the basic reason politically – they have been prevented from obtaining that security because we have a political oligopoly (a monopoly of more than one), the one party with two faces. A class of professional politicians, special-interest groups and very importantly the big media, the propaganda apparatus. None of this could operate very well without the propaganda apparatus. So that’s the “usual suspects.” And what is their general tactic? Divide and rule, divide and conquer, break down society into as many mutually antagonistic and hostile groups as you can—this society that are creating. And they play one off against the other, serially, so that they are never organized, they never realize their mutual interests and they can never focus all of their power. We the People have a tremendous amount of power simply in terms of numbers, the other side understands that, but without organization the People can never focus their power against the oppressor class.

Constitutional Militia
Constitutional Militia
Constitutional Militia are State government institutions, thoroughly civilian in character. It is by the efforts of "the Militia of the several States", that the "security of a free State" can be preserved throughout the Union.
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