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“Militia” are institutions of government composed of “the people” (Second Amendment) themselves organized under statute that “keep and bear Arms” to—
1.) “execute the Laws”
2.) “suppress insurrections”
3.) “repel invasions” ART I, § 8, CL 15

Militia Membership

Militia: Near Universal Membership

Militia: Near Universal ServiceFor society to depend upon professional “police” and other “law-enforcement” and “internal-security” forces separate from, independent of, and perhaps antagonistic to the people...
Community Self Defense

2nd Amendment: Community Self-Defense

Community Self-Defense Structure: MilitiaThe special constitutional position, status, and authority of “the Militia of the several States” their separation from the “Armies”, “Navy”, and other...
National Guard

National Guard: Not a Militia

National Guard: Not a Constitutional State MilitiaThe National Guard is neither “ well regulated Militia”, as the Second Amendment uses that term; nor one...
Constitutional Institutions

Militia: Permanent Constitutional Institutions

Militia: Permanent Constitutional and State InstitutionsThe Constitution recognizes “the Militia of the several States”—the “well regulated Militia” referred to in the Second Amendment as...
Militia Creation

How are Militia Created?

Militia CreationMilitia in this America were always the products of charters, ordinances, acts, and statutes—and, as such, they were both created and “regulated” by governments in,...
MIlitiamen Arms Kept in the Home

Militia Arms: Kept in the Home

Militiamen: Arms Kept in the HomeThe widespread private ownership of firearms suitable for service in the Militia created a peculiar kind of private property...
Arms and the Militia

Regular Armed Forces and Militia Firearms

Regular Armed Forces and Militia Firearms: EquivalentThe Militia must always be in personal possession of the types of firearms, ammunition, and accoutrements that are...
Free Market Access to Arms 2nd Amendment

Militia: Reliance on the Free Market for Arms

Militia: Free Market Access to ArmsEvery individual eligible for Militia service must enjoy untrammeled access to Arms, accoutrements, and ammunition in the free market...
Arms 2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment: “Arms”

2nd Amendment: "Arms"Because “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms” must conduce at least to the maintenance of “ well regulated...
Second Amendment Rights

2nd Amendment: “The Right”

2nd Amendment: "the Right"The Second Amendment secures to each individual “the right to keep and bear Arms”, not just for his own benefit, but...
"well regulated Militia" 2nd Amendment

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