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“Original intent” is the fundamental rule of construction of the Constitution. In the parlance of modern constitutional exegesis, Blackstone’s phrase “intentions at the time when the law was made” has come to be truncated into the term “original intent”.

Meaning of words in the Constitution

Meaning of Words in the Constitution

Words and Phrases in the ConstitutionThat certain words may have developed different meanings over time is inadmissible as an argument for construing the Constitution. For...
Quotes from the Founding Fathers

Statements From the Founders

Statements and Quotations: InconclusiveThe rule of legal construction that WE THE PEOPLE employed in the late 1700s (and must, absent amendment of the Constitution,...
First Ten Amendments to the Constitution

Bill of Rights

"Further Declaratory and Restrictive Clauses"The preamble to the Resolution which presented for ratification what became the Bill of Rights stated that, “in order to prevent...
Federalist Papers

Federalist Papers

Federalist Papers: Inconclusive as to the meaning of any constitutional provision. Considering the tumultuous circumstances in which they found themselves, even the most prominent figures...
The Constitution and Dictionaries

Contemporary Dictionaries

DictionariesThe “technical” meaning of a word or phrase is the particular meaning the law attaches to it, which almost always will be narrower and...
living document

“Living” Constitution

As a constitutional rule of construction that cannot be repeated to often, “If *** we are at liberty to give old words new meanings ***...
Common Law

English Common Law

English Common Law"The language of the Constitution cannot be interpreted safely except by references to the common law . . . when the...
Delegated Powers

Delegated Powers are Limited Powers of Government

Delegated powers are, in the nature of things, limited powers. For instance, a grant of “all legislative power” or “all judicial power” is limited...
Original Intent

“Original Intent” or “Original Meaning”

"Original Intent" or "Original Meaning"“hile remains unaltered, it must be construed now as it was understood at the time of its adoption. It...
Gramers Legal Mentor

William Blackstone

William Blackstone“At the time of the adoption of the Federal Constitution had been published about twenty years, and * * * more copies...
"well regulated Militia" 2nd Amendment

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living document

“Living” Constitution

As a constitutional rule of construction that cannot be repeated to often, “If *** we are at liberty to give old words new meanings ***...
democrat vs republican

“Left” vs. “Right” Phony Political Spectrum

"Left" vs. "Right"If WE THE PEOPLE revitalize "the Militia of the several States", we will cut across all the dividing lines in the phony...
Gun Contrlol

“Gun Control”

"Gun Control"In the pre-constitutional period, had the term been current, “gun control” would have meant, not keeping firearms and ammunition away from as many...
Judicial Supremacy

“Judicial Supremacy” Through “Judicial Review”

"Judicial Supremacy": Nowhere to be found in the Constitution or Pre-constitutional HistoryPre-constitutional history provides no support for the sweeping contemporary claim that “the federal...
implied powers

“Aggregate Powers”

“Aggregate Powers”: Powers Cobbled Together and Exercised by Rogue Government Officials That are Not Enumerated in the Constitution Typically, when aspiring usurpers and tyrants cannot rationalize...