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Current Homeland Security Structure: “Top Down”

The present “homeland security” structure is entirely “top down.” We have a pyramid with the “all seeing eye” at the top— the “Secretary of Homeland Security”.

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Current “Homeland Security” Structure: “Top Down” Para-military Structure

The purported “war on terrorism” demands that common Americans suspend their own independent judgement, and instead rely in the manner of robots on directives “from the top down”, the factual support for which “the authorities” refuse to reveal on the grounds of disclosure of the evidence would supposedly compromise “national security”. In such ways, Americans are being systematically indoctrinated that they are helpless and hopeless without the authorities–and therefore that they must depend upon, believe, and above all obey “the authorities” in all things, without investigation, demur, skepticism, or (least of all) criticism.[1]

Almost all of WE THE PEOPLE have failed to read and heed their own Constitution, and to understand and consequently demand the solution to the problem of ”homeland security” that the Constitution contains—and more to the point commands. Had they done so, they would have discovered that this solution is “the Militia of the several States”.[2]

As Justice Joseph Story pinpointed long ago:

“The militia is the natural defence of a free country against sudden foreign invasions, domestic insurrections, and domestic usurpations of power by rulers. It is against sound policy for a free people to keep up large military establishments and standing armies in time of peace, both from the enormous expenses with which they are attended and the facile means which they afford to ambitious and unprincipled rulers to subvert the government or trample upon the rights of the people. The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered as the palladium of the liberties of a republic, since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers, and will generally, even if these are successful in the first instance, enable the people to resist and triumph over them.”[3]

The present “homeland security” structure is entirely “top down.” We have a pyramid with the “all seeing eye” at the top— the “Secretary of Homeland Security”. The public has witnessed first hand how this structure has failed to secure the southern border of the United States. In 2013 the extensive invasion of storm troopers, equipment, and arms deployed for the Boston Marathon Bombers in Watertown, Massachusetts was an example of the implementation of “martial law”, on a small yet highly organized scale. After massive para-military forces and equipment costing taxpayer millions swarmed upon and “locked-down” Watertown, the Boston Bomber was found by a citizen. Nowadays virtually any criminal activity can be catalogued as part of the ever pliable because it is undefinable “war on terror”, which lacks even the basic characteristics of a “War” that can be “declare[d]”.[4]

Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy serve as two glaring examples of the incompetence, ineptness, and inadequacy of our current “homeland security”. This system operates entirely “top down” and the people at the bottom of this structure are supposed to take no initiative until they’ve checked it with Washington D.C., because that’s the way bureaucrats operate—nobody wants to put his “rear end” on the line without checking with the “higher authority.” And of course “higher authority” loves that because they want to be able to control from the “top down”. So we have a “homeland security” structure that is completely upside-down from the constitutional structure.

We saw how well the current “top down” Homeland Security structure worked in New Orleans in 2005 when the city was struck by Hurricane Katrina. This was not an emergency that no one was aware of, or that no one had been warned about. Government officials had known for years that something like this was possible and they did nothing to prepare deal with it. The Army Corps of Engineers did nothing about it. Eventually, “homeland security” knew the hurricane was coming, they were warned of how bad the hurricane could be and then how bad it became. And what was their response? Essentially, it was chaos and beating up little old ladies to take their revolvers from them. You can see the video on the internet where approximately 1/2 dozen burly thugs break into a woman’s home and beat her up to steal her revolver. This is the General Government’s idea of “Homeland Security”—complete chaos and incompetence and assertion of authority. Because that assertion of despotic authority makes up for the lack of competence. If the incompetents and miscreants in charge are asserting authority you can’t be asking questions about their competence. It’s exactly the opposite of the constitutional “bottom up” structure and operation of the Militia.

Let’s assume New Orleans has a population of 2 million and let’s assume that 60% were adults, so 1.2 million adults. Under the constitutional structure they would have had 1.2 million people organized for some number of years. Those people would have had food in their cellars, they all would have been armed and trained with arms, so you wouldn’t have had any looting or any of those types of problems. They all would have been trained in other ways, too. They would have had particular contingents that were trained to deal with the levies because that was the problem in that city. They would have brought all the engineering people that they had together in the particular engineering companies to deal with the problem. And if the Army Corps of Engineers were too lazy or incompetent to deal with it, then the people of New Orleans would have dealt with it. All of these problems would have been solved years before the hurricane hit if they had 1.2 million organized.

Let’s take just 10% of the 1.2 million – 120 thousand people. That many people would have been effective in those circumstances, especially if they had been working 3-4 years ahead of time. So if there had been only 1/10 of what the Constitution required for security in New Orleans, that catastrophe, tragedy, and monumental stupidity would not have happened. Who’s responsible for that?

If you look from the top down, because we always tend to think in terms of the “top down”, first it’s Congress, who certainly didn’t provide for “organizing, arming, and disciplining the Militia”[1] in New Orleans. And then it’s the Louisiana State Government, they certainly didn’t do it. And thirdly, it’s whatever local government they have—city or “parish” government as they call them there, not counties. Those local government people certainly could have put pressure on the State government, and if the State government hadn’t done it they might have done something on their own. They probably could not have called it a “militia” because it would have been a local, not a State organization, but they could have set something up with the same structure. And the bottom of the pyramid, the people, who are supposed to be doing this, “WE THE PEOPLE”—they are the ones who are ultimately responsible. So we see that it was a failure of the entire structure; and the result was the City of New Orleans was inundated, people ended up in terrible situations, and many of them remained homeless for years.


1.) U.S. Const. art. I, § 8, cl. 16.

FEMA came into New Orleans after Katrina to “solve” the problem and people remained living in trailer parks and tents for years. So we see the consequence there in microcosm of departing from the constitutional structure. There are many people in New Orleans who really took it in the neck.

Now we have a much bigger “hurricane” coming along – it’s called “the collapse of the banking and monetary system”. It’s going to put us all in a “Katrina” type situation for which we are mostly all totally unprepared. And for which we can be sure that Washington D.C. is totally unprepared as they are running around like chickens without heads – every day they have some new “proposal.” They don’t know what they are doing, that’s quite obvious, especially since it’s the same people who caused the problem. It’s not as if we have some new incompetents in Congress, we have the original bunch of incompetents in there. Like the phrase, “send in the clowns”, we see the same “clowns” over and over again. At least at the circus they will give you a different set of clowns every couple of hours, but this is the same group of clowns.

And it’s all very simple—they have a problem and they don’t read the book of instructions. If you take that chainsaw out that’s been sitting in the garage for a year and a half and you try to “fire it up” and it coughs and coughs and coughs, what do you do? Do you hand it over to your State representative and say, “Here, you pull the cord and see if you can start it?” No. You go to the book of instructions and go through the correction steps: “I’ve got to clean out this fuel filter, change the old gasoline, maybe a new spark plug…”, we go through a series of steps (i.e., checks and balances), and when we finally pull that cord it fires up. We have the same problem here: we see all sorts of problems of a “Homeland Security” nature, and they range from the natural disaster  of Katrina to the man-made “super disaster” of the collapse of the monetary system. And you cannot say that is not the biggest Homeland Security problem we’ve ever faced here. And instead of applying the book of instructions (i.e., the Constitution), we don’t even look at the book of instructions. The last thing that you have heard from Congress or any administration, was “Let’s go back and see what the Constitution tells us is necessary for a proper ‘Homeland Security’ structure.”

The same “top down” formula was in place after Hurricane Sandy devastated New York and New Jersey in 2012. We watched Mayor Bloomberg of New York attempt to allow the New York Marathon to be held, despite the fact that there were thousands of displaced New Yorkers living out of local hotels. Passions were further inflamed when generators arrived in New York City for the New York Marathon, while local displaced New Yorkers had no power in freezing temperatures. Neither the hotels nor the displaced New Yorkers would oblige the Mayor’s “request” to vacate the hotels for the Marathon visitors and Bloomberg was forced to cancel the race.

Had a Militia Structure been in place, those people would have had food and water in their cellars, they all would have been armed, and trained with arms, so you wouldn’t have had any looting or any of those types of problems. They all would have been trained to provide themselves with security. They would have had particular contingents that were trained for dealing with back up generator power sources. They would have brought all the resource people that they had together in the particular company to deal with the problem. All of these logistics would have been worked out years before the hurricane hit if they had the States of New York and New Jersey organized.

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