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“Militia” are institutions of government composed of “the people” (Second Amendment) themselves organized under statute that “keep and bear Arms” to—
1.) “execute the Laws”
2.) “suppress insurrections”
3.) “repel invasions” ART I, § 8, CL 15

Legal Background Militia

Militia: Legal Background

Militia: Legal Background If you wanted to know what the word “Militia” meant during the colonial period, presumably you could have gone to a small...
Militia Unorganized

“Unorganized” Militia

Oxymoronic "Unorganized" MilitiaThe very idea of an “unorganized”, and therefore “unarmed” and “undisciplined”, “militia” must be one of the most perverse and dangerous subterfuges...
Constitutional MIlitia

“the Militia of the several States”

“the Militia of the several States”GOVERNMENTAL INSTITUTIONS THAT EXERCISE GOVERNMENTAL AUTHORITY—THOROUGHLY CIVILIAN “The Militia of the several States”: Governmental Institutions, Thoroughly Civilian “The Militia of the...
Disestablishing the Militia

Militia: Unconstitutionally Disestablished

Militia: Unconstitutionally Disestablished and Fused with the Regular Armed Forces Militia had been in existence for generations throughout America, settled and regulated pursuant to Colonial and then State statutes. And there...
"well regulated Militia" 2nd Amendment

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Tyranny: John Locke

“Usurpation” and “Tyranny”

"Usurpation"“Usurpation” – the exercise of some otherwise legitimate governmental power as to which the particular actor actor enjoys no legal claim.Source: John Locke, Two Treatises of Government,...
unconstitutional powers

“Emergency Powers”

"Emergency Powers"The real "emergency" that confronts Americans is the lust of aspiring and conspiring usurpers and tyrants for power WE THE PEOPLE have withheld...
Official Immunity

“Official Immunity”

"Official Immunity"The Constitution itself provides for one and only one “official immunity”, in its allowance that, “for any Speech or Debate in either House...
democrat vs republican

“Left” vs. “Right” Phony Political Spectrum

"Left" vs. "Right"If WE THE PEOPLE revitalize "the Militia of the several States", we will cut across all the dividing lines in the phony...
implied powers

“Aggregate Powers”

“Aggregate Powers”: Powers Cobbled Together and Exercised by Rogue Government Officials That are Not Enumerated in the Constitution Typically, when aspiring usurpers and tyrants cannot rationalize...