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Militia: Legal Structure

The legal structure of the constitutional Militia is the entirety of the able-bodied adult population, properly organized, armed, and disciplined pursuant to statute in some effective manner at all times. This ties in directly with Congress’s constitutional power and duty “[t]o provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia”. By incorporating “the Militia of the several States” into its federal structure, the Constitution ensures that such “Militia”—and, absent an Amendment, only such “Militia”—will always exist under its aegis.

Militia alarm

“Alarm List”

"Alarms" During “alarms”, Rhode Island required all able-bodied free men from sixteen to sixty years of age to muster in defense of their Towns...
Gun Control

Militia: Immune From Contemporary “Gun Control”

Constitutional Militia: Immune From All Contemporary Forms of “Gun Control” Unlike some other powers and disabilities of Congress and the States, their powers and disabilities...
Election Fraud

Militia to Supervise Honest Elections

Constitutional Militia to Supervise Honest Elections For the Militia “to execute the Laws”, there must be “Laws” that sometimes may require the Militia’s “execut”—and therefore...
Immigration Illegal

Militia: Repel the Invasion of Illegal Immigration

Militia: Repel the Invasion of Illegal ImmigrationOnly the Militia could supply para-military and police forces of sufficient size to take control of America’s borders...
Militia Officer

Militia Officer Selection

Militia Officer Selection Evidencing the fundamentally democratic character of an institution in which every able-bodied adult free male participated, common people, too, often enjoyed...
"well regulated Militia" 2nd Amendment

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