State Issued

Militia: Legal History

From the earliest days of the American Colonies, it was “every ablebodied adult free male‘s” duty pursuant to law to keep and bear arms suitable to perform their Militia service. Arms were purchased in the free-market and kept in the home. Failure to comply with Militia statutory regulations for organization, individual armament, and training would result in a fine. To be excused from performing one’s Militia service required an exemption.

Constitutional Sheriff


SheriffContrary to popular belief, no pre-constitutional American Militia were ever made generally subordinate to, or in any particulars controlled by or answerable to, Local...
Militia Officer

Militia Officer Selection

Militia Officer Selection Evidencing the fundamentally democratic character of an institution in which every able-bodied adult free male participated, common people, too, often enjoyed...
"well regulated Militia" 2nd Amendment

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