Patriot Act

The Patriot Act

The Constitutional Militia is about the revitalization of the militia of the several States’ and putting it into the somnolent part of the Constitution. Well who’s going to do that work? It’s not going to be Congress, it’s not going to come from the top down. Why? Because Congress has already told us what it wants – “the unorganized militia.” And for the reasons that we’ve gone over, it wants to maintain the “unorganized militia”, it’s perfectly happy with that. And the proof of the pudding here is this whole “Homeland Security”operation that’s going on.

  • The Patriot Act – Congress Violates the Constitution

    Immediately after 911 out comes the “Patriot Act”, which they had already written months or years earlier. Well, when that happened one would think now some people are going to come forward and look at the Constitution and say, “We need to deal with this problem the way the Constitution says, and we need to organize people in each of the States, and we’ll have many more people than we need, because unlike the colonial period when they were really pressed for population, we have a super abundance of population. We can give lots of exemptions, people won’t have to show up, we can divide the labor and it’s easy. We’ll produce a huge ‘Homeland Security’ operation based at the local level, where, interestingly enough, the people know what they’re local problems are.” You know what the potential natural or industrial hazards are. If your living in Arizona, you may have some sense of the illegal immigration problem, and you can go down the list. If your living next to D.C. you might have a sense of some other problems. But wherever you are, you are the best judge of what your local problems are and probably going to be. You are probably the best judge of what your local resources are. You certainly are the best judge of your local people (i.e. “On whom can we rely in our locality? Who are those people that we want in leadership positions and who are those people that we don’t?”) And your probably in the best position to make reasonable contingency plans based on likely scenarios of dangerous situations arising. So if anyone with a half a brain looked at a country as complex as this he would say, “Well we set it up at the local level, and besides, we can make this self financing to because all those people in the militia to whom we give exemptions, we can charge them $5, $10, $15, $20 dollars a year depending on the extent of their exemption. So we’re talking about millions and millions of dollars in each state coming in to finance those 200,000 or 300,000 people that are going to be actively participating in this. And we’ll find large numbers of people who want to volunteer, because maybe they’re patriotic – there’s a lot of that out there, it’s just under the surface. So this thing will work very well.

    So of course that’s what Congress did right? Wrong. That’s always the answer with Congress. Wrong. There’s not even another check box for “right”, just one for “wrong.” They set up the “top down pyramidal” structure with the “all seeing eye”, no reliance on the locals. “We don’t ask the locals what they want, we don’t give them authority. We give the authority to their local police, we give them SWAT uniforms and .50 caliber rifles, and machine guns and so forth and so on. And they take directives and training going all the way back to the “Department of Homeland Security” – We do it in the “Stalinist System”, not the “Federalist System.” And there’s also a reason for that. So this is what they came out with. Oh, and they already have the plans drawn up – “Here’s the Patriot Act”, it’s already on the table. What was it 300 pages long and nobody read it and they passed it anyway? It’s amazing how this just happens. So this isn’t going to work. Obviously Congress is not the solution.

  • Private Organizations Will Not Work As ‘Homeland Security’ Structures

    You can’t have “Homeland Security” structures from the bottom up in the truest sense – you can’t do it with the “private militia groups.” Because even if you could overcome the stigma that those groups have received from the media – and let’s face it, the media has done a very good job of demonizing those people, an excellent job. And some of these tendentious special interest groups, we know who they are, that have gone about demonizing any kind of patriot organization. But there’s one thing that these private organizations cannot do – they cannot do. And that is to obtain the necessary legal authority. The only way they would obtain legal authority in a figurative sense is in a Declaration of Independence scenario; everything breaks down and your in basically a “revolutionary” situation. And then you go back to Mao Tse Tung in the truest sense of the word, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” Everything breaks down, all bets are off and then it’s whoever is organized and ruthless enough takes over, because we don’t have the Founding Fathers still with us. We have a different group. So we have to be very careful in what we are doing. We cannot go back to that ‘Declaration of Independence Situation’ if we can possibly avoid it because the consequences, would not be the result that the Founding Fathers gave us. It will be something else that we won’t like. So we have to avoid that. And anyone who says that what we need to have is a complete break down of society and fighting against “the government” is not only living in a dream world, but he is a dangerous psychopath. That will not succeed. It can’t come from these private groups because they can’t gain the legal authority. And that type of organization – one that comes “out front” as it were and says, “We’re a militia group” and they’re all armed and dressed in camouflage outfits and so forth and so on, they can’t possibly gain support from a sufficiently large segment of society. That’s why they’re marginalized now.  If they could have gained that support, where is it?

So where do we go? Is is gaining legal authority impossible? No, it isn’t impossible. You go back to the Constitution, “the militia of the several States”, this is a state law problem. We have to get the result out of the state legislatures, because that accomplishes 3 things: 1) It gives you legal authority, 2) It returns you to the actual Constitutional structure, these are state institutions, not private institutions, 3) It gives you the element of constitutional legal immunity from intervention by the General Government.

We use the term “General Government” above in a kind of loose sense because the type of intervention they might attempt to do would be unconstitutional, so they really wouldn’t be acting as government – you always have to remember that.


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